Managing Stress and Anxiety Group

flowers in bloom pictureHave you ever felt butterflies and sometimes even nausea before a performance, giving a speech, or taking a test? Do you find yourself worrying a lot about your relationships -- preventing you from concentrating or getting a good night's sleep? Have you begun to feel down about yourself? While stress and anxiety are normal conditions for most people, they can get out of hand and make our lives miserable.

The Managing Stress and Anxiety Group is designed to help students manage their stress and overcome anxiety that can sometimes become debilitating and even lead to depression. The ideal group will have 8-10 students participating with two skilled counselors facilitating. We will target specific topics and address how individuals deal with them, in a supportive, safe, and educational small-group atmosphere. Life enhancing skills that can be used for a variety of self-defeating behaviors are taught and practiced. Group members can expect to become more confident, have greater self-esteem, and be prepared to handle the tasks at hand.

Please contant the Counseling Center at (231) 591-5968 if you may be interested in being a member of this group.