Assessment Action Plan for the 2010-2011 Academic Year

As a result of the various assessments of Multicultural Student Services programming for the 2007-2008 academic year, OMSS has come up with the following recommendations for improvement:

  1. T.O.W.E.R.S.:

    Training- There will be a mandatory LEADER training workshop that will be for all new leaders to attend in the beginning of the Fall semester and Spring semester. In addition, all participants will need to have an application turned in prior to each semester and approval of acceptance to the program will be made by the staff of OMSS. 
    Events- It is our goal to continue to increase student learning about leadership, mentorship and multiculturalism. There will be an addition of more consistent interactive discussions and workshops throughout the academic year, as well as an increase in the level of communication to participants. LEADERS will take the role of running the interactive discussions and workshops, as well as given opportunities to moderate other OMSS featured programs.

  2. Cultural Months, Initiatives, Guest Speakers/Performances:

    OMSS will seek to continue the level of collaboration with other departments through cultural planning committees for HHM, NAHM, MLK and WHM. OMSS will work to apply for grants and work with RSO's to bring key speakers/performances to campus as well. New initiatives OMSS is looking to work on include a Sustained Dialogue Discussion series in the Residence Halls to address issues of multiculturalism, as well as increase the level of interaction and programming with the Asian student and Hispanic student populations.

  3. Homecoming/PIGNIC Weekend Alumni Events:

    OMSS will seek to contact alumni through email and social networks on upcoming events. Overall events continue to be a success due to the commitment and support of SEMBAA, FSU Alumni Relations office, and inquiring alumni who contact OMSS and spread the word about upcoming Alumni events. OMSS will work this year to plan for the 2011 Homecoming where we will be celebrating 25 years of the department.

  4. GEAR UP:

    GEAR UP will working on stressing the importance of the College Days and Summer Camp programs so that attendance will increase.  GEAR UP will also work on producing new activities for the students to enjoy; as well as work with more faculty members to provide more in-the-classroom learning experiences. GEAR UP will continue with onsite admit for the 2011 class throughout the year.