Financial Aid Refunds

If you have direct deposit set up, you will receive any financial aid refund by direct deposit.

Effective SUMMER 2015, Ferris State University will disburse excess financial aid through Direct Deposit only. Sign up NOW for Direct Deposit. Log in to your MyFSU, click on the Academics and Services tab, scroll down in the left column and click on Student Financial Aid Direct Deposit. Just following the simple instructions!

If you are taking community college (CC) classes, your refund will not be available until after the CC’s drop/add date. Remember to submit an updated consortium form if you make any changes to your CC schedule because these classes must be reviewed to verify that they apply to the program in which you are enrolled.

Refer to the financial aid section on the Academics & Services tab in MyFSU for financial aid refund dates.


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Processes that Put Aid on Hold
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Financial Aid Refunds

Wondering if you need to do anything else in order to receive your financial aid? Check the Student Requirements link on MyFSU.

Still Have Questions? A Financial Aid Officer is available to answer your questions. Call your local office to set up an appointment.