Taking an Online or Mixed Delivery/Blended Class?

Register early – online classes fill up fast!

Get Ready For Class!

We strongly encourage you to complete the Online Skills Assessment to ensure that you are ready to do the basic operations required for an online course.

1. Sign into MyFSU and FerrisConnect before your class is scheduled to begin to see if your instructor has posted pre-class assignments.

Log on to MyFSU > Click on FerrisConnect icon in top right corner

2. Familiarize yourself with information available in FerrisConnect:

3. Complete any pre-class assignments so you are ready for the first session.

4. Log in to your class on the first day of the semester unless otherwise instructed.

Online vs. Mixed Delivery/Blended

Online courses are just that – 100% online delivered through FerrisConnect. 

Mixed Delivery/Blended courses are delivered online through FerrisConnect but also require some class time face-to-face. How much time is required varies per class.