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Bachelor of Science

The CIS program prepares you for leadership in all key areas of business and industry. Immediate access to accurate information has never been more important to business decision-making—which means that the job market for you in CIS is wide open. With a bachelor's degree, you'll be able to step into positions in computer programming/analysis, systems analysis, network administration, and microcomputers. And because this unique program offers a well-designed combination of liberal arts courses, core business classes and hands-on CIS classes, you'll be well prepared to advance into management positions in a variety of organizations, businesses, financial institutions, manufacturing plants and government agencies.

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Program Plans
Dowagaic Clyde Hardman
(231) 591-2822
SMC Transfer Plan
Grand Rapids Clyde Hardman
(231) 591-2822
GRCC Transfer Plan

Dan Tuuri
(231) 591-3198

Montcalm CC Transfer Plan
Muskegon Clyde Hardman
(231) 591-2822
Muskegon CC Transfer Plan
Petoskey Clyde Hardman
(231) 591-2822
NCMC CC Transfer Plan
Traverse City Clyde Hardman
(231) 591-2822
NMC Transfer Plan