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Imagine more.
Spend less.
I’m a husband and father
of three. I needed an affordable
university. I chose Ferris because
the tuition rate is reasonable and
the class schedule fits. I’m pursuing
my degree at a pace and price
that suits me and my family.
– Scott
Choose a high-quality education at an
affordable price. Save money and time
with our
programs. Build
on the credits you’ve already earned at your
community college or elsewhere. Take two
or three years of community college courses
and one or two years of local and/or online
Ferris courses. The
overall cost
obtaining a degree is lower than average
because you’ll pay community college tuition
rates and Ferris’ public university tuition rate.
Financial aid is available for both the Ferris
and community college classes. Ferris
students can
access more
aid than a student attending the community
college alone. Take classes at a location
close to where you live and work.
Propel your career
that much sooner, saving you both
time and money.
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