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Build relationships.
Experience support.
Our students are real. Many
work full-time
and go home
to families who need them. The good news is our faculty and
staff are real too. We understand your education is just one
aspect of
your busy life
– an important one. Classroom
discussions revolve around real-life scenarios. Our faculty
instills knowledge you can apply at work the next day.
Build a personal relationship with your instructor and advisor.
They understand the individual needs of their students and
understand that what works for one person may not work
for another. There’s
no cookie-cutter approach
to guidance and advising. You can count on customized,
personalized, one-on-one counseling with advisors who care.
Regional office staff provides
personalized assistance
to make your transition to the classroom a smooth one. Our
staff values the relationships we build with our students. They
are here to support you along the way – through admissions,
financial aid, registration and graduation.
Students just like
you choose Ferris
statewide every day.
Average age is 32
(Majority are 26-45)
55% female, 45% male
16% are single
without children
46% are a couple with
children living at home
20% are a single parent
family with children at home
I’ve been given an
opportunity for a second chance
in life. I chose a career in
public service and Ferris helped
me get there. Classes were
close to home and my degree
was affordable.
– Tonja
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