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Our mission.
Your success.
Ferris State University prepares students for
successful careers,
responsible citizenship
and lifelong learning. Through its many
partnerships and its
broad-based education, Ferris serves our rapidly
changing global economy and society.
Ferris is a recognized leader in
education, where theory meets practice throughout
the curriculum and where multi-disciplinary skills
important in a global economy are developed.
We are the
preferred choice
for students
who seek specialized, innovative, career-
and life-enhancing education.
Ferris chooses to value
collaboration, diversity, an
ethical community, excellence,
learning and opportunity.
I’m a first generation
college student. I refuse to
be stuck in a dead-end job.
The guidance from faculty and staff
has been extremely helpful.
The challenging, interactive
curriculum has prepared me
for my own classroom.
– Curtis
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