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Advanced Construction Management
Students pursuing the Advanced Construction
Management certificate will learn about construction
contracts, construction supervision and safety,
advanced construction computer techniques and
Construction Management professional methods.
This certificate will position students to assume the
responsibilities of project management.
Professional Development Certificate
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
Construction Administration Certificate
Credit hours required: 12
College of Engineering Technology
Grand Rapids
Business-to-Business Marketing
Students who choose the Business-to-Business Marketing
certificate will be exposed to current theory and practice
in the marketing of products and services from one
business to another, including:
Integration of the principles of general
marketing and professional selling with proven
business-to-business marketing methods
Understanding and application of concepts
related to industrial marketing, business-to-
business advertising and e-commerce
Demonstration of mastery of class concepts
through real world projects with business-to-
business clients
Students will perfect skills that will set them apart in the fast-growing
world of business-to-business marketing. This certificate is designed
to enhance the knowledge and marketability of students with majors
in technology, business and communications.
Professional Development Certificate
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
New Student GPA min: 2.5
Transfer Student GPA min: 2.35
ACT min: 19 or college level math and English
Credit hours required: 12
College of Business
Professional Development Certificates
Every effort has been made to include in this publication, information that, at the time of preparation for printing, is accurate. However, the contents of this publication are not to be regarded as
a contract between students or potential students at Ferris State University. The University reserves the right to change at any time and without prior notice any provision or requirement including
but not limited to, policies, tuition, fees, academic programs or any other activity or matter. When describing programs offered by Ferris in this publication, the intent is to provide information on
the type of career possibilities to which a curriculum may lead. In no way is this intended to imply a guarantee of job openings at a particular time for a particular student.
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