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Respiratory Care
Respiratory care practitioners are actively involved in
the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients
with acute and chronic diseases of the heart and lung.
Respiratory therapists treat all types of patients, ranging
from premature infants to the elderly. Professionals in
this field are expanding into cardiopulmonary procedures
such as electrocardiograms (EKG) and stress testing.
The program combines online lectures and labs with
internships in hospitals throughout the state to prepare
graduates to deliver a wide range of respiratory
care services. The program is fully accredited by
the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health
Education Programs in conjunction with the Committee
of Accreditation for Respiratory Care. Graduates are
eligible to sit for three national credentialing examinations
sponsored by the National Board for Respiratory Care.
Associate of Applied Science
Admission Requirements for the Pre-Respiratory Program:
Application and acceptance to the University
Admission Requirements for the Professional Sequence:
(Students should officially apply to the program between August 15 and August 30)
HS diploma or GED and/or all official college transcripts
GPA min: 2.7
ACT scores: Math sub-score of 19 or higher or MATH 110
Students must have a “B-” or better in no more than two attempts in BIO 109,
CHEM 103 and MATH 110 and a “C” or better in no more than two attempts
in ENGL 150 and MRIS 102; the science and math courses cannot be older
than five years.
Credit hours required for graduation: 82
College of Health Professions
Grand Rapids**
*Cohort delivered program rotation Fall 2013
**Cohort delivered program rotation Spring 2013
All information
is accurate at
time of printing.
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