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Social Work
In this major, students will learn to help others help
themselves through solid preparation allowing
them to enter the social work field as a generalist
professional. With a strong liberal arts foundation,
including courses in communication, human biology,
natural science, mathematics, humanities, recent U.S.
history, U.S. government/politics, psychology and
sociology, students will be ready to work face-to-face
with a variety of clients in a variety of agencies.
Students take professional foundation courses to
develop social work knowledge, skills and values
related to interviewing; social work problem-solving
with individuals, families, small groups, organizations
and communities; complexities of social welfare
policy and services; and social research. Field
placements can be anywhere in the world with
faculty approval. Graduates work as treatment
specialists, case managers, foster care workers,
youth care workers, medical social workers,
counselors, client services coordinators, client
advocates, child care counselors, substance abuse
prevention coordinators, child protective services
workers and family case workers.
Bachelor of Social Work
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
Associate degree or 48 transferable college credit hours
GPA min: 2.3
Social Science GPA min: 2.5
Credit hours required for graduation: 120
College of Arts and Sciences
Traverse City
Technical and Professional
The Technical and Professional Communication
(TPC) degree prepares students for a career
involving a combination of writing, organizing and
communicating information. Nearly every industry
needs employees who can communicate technical
and professional information effectively to its
customers and clients. With this degree, students
learn to edit technical manuals, understand the
elements of writing technical documents and develop
project planning skills. In addition, they analyze
technical journals, books, magazines and speeches.
All TPC students identify a content specialty
concentration, a 21-credit grouping of courses
that builds on their interest in a specific career area.
While many TPC students enter the program with an
associate degree in a technical area, many develop
their technical specialty based on an established area
of expertise in the field of technical communication.
A wide variety of content specialty concentrations
are possible, including but not limited to electronics,
automotive technology, computer information
systems, plastics technology, medical writing,
applied mathematics, visual communication
and applied biology.
Bachelor of Science
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
College GPA min: 2.0 with college level math and English
Associate degree or 48 transferable college credit hours
Credit hours required for graduation: 120
College of Arts and Sciences
Bachelor’s Degrees
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