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Product Design Engineering Technology
The Product Design Engineering Technology
program at Ferris offers intensive instruction and
practical experience in all facets of product design.
Students are prepared to effectively participate in
a design environment, generate conceptual design
sketches and drawings, create complex design
layouts, perform static and dynamic analysis, create
models and prototypes, create and define complex
surfaces and shapes and understand and integrate
manufacturing principles into design. Coursework
also emphasizes communication, mathematics and
analytical skills with extensive hands-on experience.
A product designer begins with a concept then
transforms it into a working design that specifies the
size, shape, style, dimensions and materials needed.
Bachelor of Science
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
60 transferable college credit hours
GPA min: 2.5
Math GPA min: 2.5
Major course GPA min: 2.75
ACT min: 19 or college level math and English
Credit hours required for graduation: 126-128
College of Engineering Technology
Grand Rapids
Because this skill is needed for the production
of millions of industrial and consumer goods,
designers are in great demand. Their knowledge
of design, engineering analysis, manufacturing
processes and communication techniques are valued
in industries across the United States. Employment
opportunities exist across the spectrum of the
product design field. Wherever products are
produced, designers will be found.
Specific job titles might include product designer,
layout drafter, project manager, product developer,
computer-aided designer, mechanical designer,
project engineer and design engineer.
Bachelor’s Degrees
All information is accurate at time of printing.
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