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The field of laboratory medicine is advancing
towards the use of molecular techniques and
molecular diagnostics for the detection of leukemia,
genetic disorders, pre-implantation screening,
infectious disease and cancer. With the introduction
of personalized medicine, there will be a rise in
genetic testing. Molecular diagnostics can also
aid in the decision about which therapy should be
used to treat genetic disorders.
Genetic companies are demanding certified,
professionally educated, technically competent
individuals to work in this growing area of laboratory
medicine. There is a national demand in hospitals,
reference laboratories, private genetic laboratories
and the pharmaceutical industry.
In the molecular diagnostics program you will
learn how to aid in the diagnosis of cancer, infectious
diseases, pharmacogenomics and the predisposition
to disease by performing and interpreting laboratory
results using molecular diagnostic assays. Highly
prepared graduates will be trained through a
combination of classroom instruction, laboratory
practice and hospital-based internships.
Graduates of the program will be able to work
in hospital, reference, public health, genetic and
pharmaceutical laboratories. They may also work for
regulatory agencies or as field technicians. Graduates
will be able to apply for certification through the
American Society for Clinical Pathology.
Technology Forward Training
Ferris trains students on the same sophisticated
equipment found in clinical laboratories nationwide.
Classroom to Career
The program is designed to build a dynamic
experience that combines classroom instruction,
laboratory practice and hands-on internships.
Molecular Diagnostics Completion Program
Ferris State University is actively seeking
accreditation for the molecular diagnostics program through the
National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
(NAACLS). NAACLS can be contacted in writing at 5600 N River
Road, Suite 720, Rosemont IL 60018-5119, by phone at
(847) 939-3597, and online at
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