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Integrative Studies
The Bachelor of Integrative Studies is a flexible
degree program designed for highly motivated,
independent students who wish to pursue an
interdisciplinary baccalaureate degree in
educational areas where Ferris State University has
appropriate faculty, facilities and course work, but for
which Ferris does not have an existing baccalaureate
degree program. The students’ program of study
is developed with and approved by the program
coordinator. Students often combine existing minors
and certificates with an associate degree in order to
design their academic plan.
An assigned faculty advisor will also assist in this
process for successful completion of the degree.
Bachelor of Integrative Studies
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
GPA min: 2.0
ACT min: 19 or college level math and English
Credit hours required for graduation: 120
College of Arts and Sciences
Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Manufacturing engineers figure out how to make
products - anything from tools to toys, cars to
consumer goods or electronics to earthmovers.
They get involved on the ground level of the
production of a variety of industrial and consumer
goods and develop the expertise to see production
through to completion.
Their knowledge of process design, analysis,
planning, supervision, manufacturing methods and
equipment is used from start to finish. The location
of every machine, the movement of each tool or
part, the order of operation and the selection of
the machines themselves are all decisions that
manufacturing engineers make as part of the total
production process.
Employment opportunities exist across the spectrum
of manufacturing industries. Specific position titles
such as manufacturing engineer, process engineer,
production engineer, tool engineer, quality engineer
or industrial engineer often are given to the individual
performing manufacturing engineering functions.
Bachelor of Science
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
Associate degree or 48-57 college credit hours
GPA min: 2.5 and 2.75 in A.A.S. major courses
ACT min: 19 or college level math and English
Credit hours required for graduation: 120
College of Engineering Technology
Grand Rapids
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