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Human Resource Management
A career in human resource management depends
upon people skills and talents. Students in the program
have the opportunity to develop expertise in human
resource management through courses in employment
law, compensation, negotiations and international
human resource management. They also receive a
well-rounded education in business through courses
in accounting, computer information systems, finance,
international business, management and marketing.
Professionals in the human resource management
field work each day with a variety of people, including
employees and job applicants, managers and union
representatives. They also counsel employees, conduct
training and career development programs, perform
job evaluations, work in compensation and benefits
administration, participate in negotiations and engage
in personnel research and job analysis.
Bachelor of Science
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
48 transferable college credit hours
GPA min: 2.35
ACT min: 19 or college level math and English
Credit hours required for graduation: 121
College of Business
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is accurate at
time of printing.
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