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Your community.
Your college.
Ferris State University partners with 17 community colleges
and has
19 locations statewide
in addition to programs
offered completely online.
Ferris partners with your local community college. We are
committed to offering you degree programs
locally and
. You can earn a degree from Ferris close to home
and get financial aid to help you along the way. Students taking
classes at both the community college and Ferris get financial
aid through one source,
saving you time
and trouble.
I was tired of traveling
as an electrician. I decided
it was time to change careers
and make a difference in the
lives of others. I chose the
Ferris classes offered locally
because I can take classes
close to home.
– Israel
Ferris State University
Academic Calendar
Fall Semester 2013
August 26 – December 13
Spring Semester 2014
January 13 – May 9
Summer Semester 2014
May 20 – August 13
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