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Early Childhood Education
For people who like to be around children, a career
in early childhood education can be a labor of love.
The Early Childhood Education program at Ferris
teaches a broad spectrum of courses about the
education of children and study early childhood
development, nutrition, first aid, children’s literature
and child psychology. Students will also receive
a broad educational background by completing
general education courses in English, mathematics,
humanities and sociology. Included in the program
is the opportunity to observe and work with infants,
Bachelor of Science
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
GPA min: 2.5
ACT min: 19 or college level math and English
Associate degree or 48 transferable college
credit hours
Credit hours required for graduation: 120
College of Education and Human Services
I continued my education for
many reasons. My main reason is
for my family and being happy in my
career. After having twin daughters and
marrying my best friend, I’ve been
given the chance to further my
education and create
something of myself.
– Casey
toddlers and preschoolers, applying theories and
techniques taught in the classroom.
Students completing the Bachelor of Science program
can seek positions as lead/head teacher, Head Start
positions and other preschool positions.
All information is accurate at time of printing.
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