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Digital Media Software Engineering
The Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Software
Engineering (DMSE) is designed as an engineering
degree focused on the technologies, procedures
and methodologies involved in the software
development process. The degree focuses on
fundamental and proven computer science processes
employed to produce quality software. Engineering
theory, principles and mathematical rigor form the
foundation of the degree. Software engineers are
needed to create innovative software for health care,
bio-informatics, business, entertainment, education,
military, automotive industries and more.
Graduates will have experience successfully
designing, developing and delivering quality
software applications. Critically important topics
Bachelor of Science
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
GPA min: 2.7
ACT min: 21 or college level math and English
Credit hours required for graduation: 128
College of Education and Human Services
Grand Rapids
such as: requirements management, configuration
management, testing and quality assurance are
covered in depth. This approach to software
engineering is designed to allow graduates to
seamlessly transition into the workforce, integrating
and employing their knowledge.
DMSE is a course-specific degree completion
program with a four-year sequence that begins
promptly upon acceptance and enrollment.
Individuals are encouraged to enter the program
as a first-year student and be dually-enrolled with
Grand Rapids Community College.
Bachelor’s Degrees
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