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Business Administration –
Maritime Engine
Cadets at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy in
Traverse City will be admitted into the Business
Administration program when accepted into
the Maritime Engine Program at Northwestern
Michigan College. The program is intended to
increase the career opportunities for graduates
by preparing them for management positions
with shipping companies, shipyards, ports or with
non-maritime businesses. Engineering officers
are responsible for the efficient operation and
maintenance of engines and support machinery
aboard ship.
Graduates will be uniquely qualified for
management positions within the maritime
industry, having both a U.S. Coast Guard Merchant
Marine Officer’s license and a strong academic
background in business.
Bachelor of Science
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
GPA min: 2.35
Admission into this program requires entry into the Great Lakes
Maritime Academy at Northwestern Michigan College
Credit hours required for graduation: 147
College of Business
Traverse City
*Welding and Machining classes are taken in Big Rapids
In partnership with the Great Lakes Maritime Academy of
Northwestern Michigan College
Business Administration –
Professional Track
This program is designed for students with a
specialized associate degree, such as construction
technology, legal assistance, interior design and
other specialized programs. Students will find this
program attractive for building a solid knowledge
of business and management upon their technical
expertise. It is also suitable for those with an associate
degree in business who would like to add technical or
specialized training to their credentials.
Business Administration-Pro Track will prepare
graduates for the rapidly changing nature of the
work environment in business, government and
other nonprofit organizations and equip them with
the skills needed for entry-level positions as well
as advancement.
Bachelor of Science
Admission Requirements:
HS diploma or GED
GPA min: 2.35
ACT min: 19 or college level math and English
48 – 56 transferable college credit hours
Credit hours required for graduation: 121-122
College of Business
Grand Rapids
*Available with a combination of online and Grand Rapids courses.
Traverse City
All information is accurate at time of printing.
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