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Curriculum and Instruction
The Master of Education in Curriculum and
Instruction gives professional educators the advanced
professional development necessary to open several
new career options as well as providing a foundation
to improve their instructional practice. The program
enables secondary and elementary educators to
advance in their districts and become educational
leaders as administrators, curriculum directors or
department heads.
The degree can be customized around
one of the following specialty concentrations:
Special Education
Subject Area
Master of Education
Admission Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree
GPA min: 2.75
Previous teaching experience is not mandatory
Depending on specialty, credit hours required for graduation: 33-43
College of Education and Human Services
Grand Rapids
Traverse City
Check with your regional office or website to determine which concentrations
are available in your area.
Master of Business Administration
Ferris State University’s MBA teaches the concepts
and processes that have demonstrated their worth
in enhancing organizational performance worldwide.
This base of knowledge is key in modern businesses
as they strive to remain vital and competitive in
today’s global economy. The goal of the MBA is
translating these competencies and skills into a
curriculum that promotes organizational values and
processes that contribute to the achievement of
organizational objectives. The learning experience
is facilitated by an instructional process that models
the concepts, provides the conceptual underpinnings
and promotes their application.
The MBA consists of 16 three-credit courses
(48 semester hours): four courses on foundation
knowledge (may be waived for those with
demonstrated competencies), nine courses on core
knowledge and a four-course concentration.
Master of Business Administration
Admission Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree
GPA min: 2.75
GPA 3.0 in last 60 credits
Current resumé
One-page writing sample stating reasons for seeking admission
Three letters of recommendation
GMAT score: 500 or higher
GRE score: upper 50th percentile (analytical writing score
at 2.5 or higher)
Credit hours required for graduation: 48
(Up to 9 foundation credits may be waived)
College of Business
Every effort has been made to include in this publication, information that, at the time of preparation for printing, is accurate. However, the contents of this publication are not to be regarded as a contract
between students or potential students at Ferris State University. The University reserves the right to change at any time and without prior notice any provision or requirement including but not limited to,
policies, tuition, fees, academic programs or any other activity or matter. When describing programs offered by Ferris in this publication, the intent is to provide information on the type of career possibilities
to which a curriculum may lead. In no way is this intended to imply a guarantee of job openings at a particular time for a particular student.
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