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Career and Technical Education
Improved career and technical education
competency and refined instructional or
administrative skills are the goals of Ferris State
University’s Master of Science degree in Career
and Technical Education. The program enables
career and technical instructors in allied health,
business and technical education at secondary and
post-secondary levels, as well as industrial training
and development personnel, to attain an advanced
education by building on previous training and
occupational experience.
The degree can be customized around
one of the following specialty concentrations:
• Administrative
• Instructor
• Postsecondary Administration
• Training and Development
Master of Science
Admission Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree
GPA min: 2.75
Previous teaching experience is not mandatory
Credit hours required for graduation: 33-36
College of Education and Human Services
Grand Rapids
Traverse City
Check with your regional office or website to determine which concentrations
are available in your area.
Master’s Degrees
Criminal Justice Administration
The Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice
Administration offers post-baccalaureate education
to criminal justice professionals, administrators and
traditional students seeking criminal justice graduate
education. The curriculum offers coursework and
skills necessary for successful administration in police,
corrections and court agencies, as well as private
criminal justice agencies; such as residential treatment
centers, halfway houses and private security firms.
In addition to providing the skills and credentials
needed for promotion, this degree is also designed
to meet the theoretical and analytical needs of those
who want to pursue doctoral or law studies.
The curriculum delivers valuable knowledge through
a set of core courses in areas such as legal issues
and the nature of crime; enhances skills through
criminal justice research methods and criminal justice
evaluation; and focuses on administration through
leadership, budgeting and personnel management
courses. The curriculum concludes with students
applying what they have learned in a culminating
experience – either a thesis or graduate topic and
comprehensive critique/exam experience.
Master of Science
Admission Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree
GPA min: 3.0
Three professional letters of recommendation
Personal statement indicating why student is interested in pursuing MSCJ
$30 application fee (waived for Ferris State University graduates)
Credit hours required for graduation: 30
College of Education and Human Services
Grand Rapids
All information is accurate at time of printing.
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