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I am going to be
successful. An associate
degree just isn’t enough for
me. I chose Ferris because it
was easy to transfer my previous
college credits and the staff
was helpful throughout
the process.
– Saquoya
Unique programs.
Offered statewide.
has never
been easier.
With more than
to choose from
and classes offered
Every effort has been made to include in this publication, information that, at the time of preparation for
printing, is accurate. However, the contents of this publication are not to be regarded as a contract between
students or potential students at Ferris State University. The University reserves the right to change at any
time and without prior notice any provision or requirement including but not limited to, policies, tuition,
fees, academic programs or any other activity or matter. When describing programs offered by Ferris in this
publication, the intent is to provide information on the type of career possibilities to which a curriculum may
lead. In no way is this intended to imply a guarantee of job openings at a particular time for a particular student.
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