Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Wellness” and why is it important for our campus?


Wellness can be described as a multidimensional approach to the improvement of overall personal health, including physical, mental, social, and emotional health. Wellness is important to Ferris State University in that it improves the personal health of our employees and their dependents. In addition, increased health and wellness will have positive effects on employee attendance, productivity, organizational accountability, and health insurance rates for the employee population. By having a healthy population, Ferris State University can continue to prepare students for successful careers, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning.

Who is Asset Health?


Asset Health is a knowledge management company that will assist Ferris State University in creating a culture of wellness through a combination of Health Assessments, Biometric Screening, online educational courses, wellness tracking, rewards, integration with wellness and disease management programs, and ongoing employee communication.

How do I participate in the Wellness Program?


In order to be considered an active participant in the Wellness Program, full-time, benefit eligible employees and spouses must complete the following by the appropriate deadlines:

  1. Complete an annual Health Assessment
  2. Complete an annual onsite Biometric Screening
  3. Complete and track 39 "Healthy Activity Credits" each quarter
  4. Participate in online courses 3 out of 4 quarters
  5. If applicable, lifestyle phone coaching every quarter

How will my participation be rewarded?


Participants in the Wellness Program that are enrolled in the Ferris State University sponsored medical coverage will be eligible to receive monthly medical premium reductions up to $25 for employee and up to $40 for employee and spouse participation. Participants will also be eligible for a 50% discount in the public membership rates at the Student Recreation Center and the Racquet and Fitness Center for new and renewed memberships after July 1st. This discount will apply to the membership fees for the employee, 2 person, and family membership fees.


What happens if I stop participating as defined above?


Asset Health will regularly provide eligibility reports based upon the completion of the participation requirements listed above.  If you fail to meet the above requirements, your incentive will stop at the end of the quarter. If removed, your next opportunity to begin participating in the Wellness Program again will be at open enrollment held each spring.

How do I complete my Health Assessment or track my “Healthy Activities”?


First you need to access your Asset Health account at First time users please enter the following credentials:

Employees & Spouses with a Banner ID#
Username: Ferris Banner ID#
Password: your 5-digit home zip code 
Spouse without a Banner ID#
Username: Employee’s ID# + “s”
Password: your 5-digit home zip code 
   Username: 12345678
   Password: 49307

   Username: 12345678s
   Password: 49307

Your Ferris Banner ID is located next to your name on your printed paystub. For security of protected health information collected by Asset Health, you and your spouse should select a personalized username and password following the initial log in. The tabs at the top of the page will access the Health Assessment and the Tracking Tool.

Is my health information accessible by anyone at Ferris?


Your personal information is completely confidential and is not accessible by Ferris State University. Asset Health will serve as the agent of record for your participation and eligibility for the incentives or rewards. The University will only be notified of your eligibility for the medical premium reductions and/or the University fitness facility membership discounts.

What information is tracked during the annual Biometric Screening and how long will it take?


The Biometric Screening will screen for total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, non‐fasting glucose (blood sugar), blood pressure, weight, BMI, and waist circumference. To schedule a screening appointment, go to Login is “ferris” and password is “healthy”. Click to “Create a New Account” and enter the information requested. Select the event and appointment time. The appointment is expected to take 20‐25 minutes. Please be punctual and stay very hydrated prior to your appointment. Following the collection of the biometric data, you will have the opportunity to briefly speak with a health coach.

Will it be difficult to track 39 “Healthy Activity” Credits each quarter?


Asset Health makes it easy to track your “Healthy Activities” using the Tracking Tool at “Healthy Activities” can include low to high intensity exercise, attending heath educational sessions, completing an annual physical with your physician, semi-annual dental visits, age and gender appropriate diagnostic screenings, smoking cessation or weight loss program participation. Participants that track an average of 3 “Healthy Activities” per week over the 13 week quarter will meet the 39 credit requirement. There is no maximum limit for activity tracking.

Will there be other incentives and rewards for participating?


Participants will also be entered into drawings for various giveaways throughout the year for participation in Lifestyle Management Coaching, completion of Asset Health educational courses, and participation in a variety of personal and team activity challenges. Special events, trainings, Lunch and Learn sessions, and discounted or free fitness classes may also be offered throughout the year.

If part of the reward is $25 or $40 in monthly medical premium reduction and my medical premium is less than that amount, will I get cash back?


Participation in the Wellness Program is not intended to generate any cash back beyond the employee’s share of the health insurance premium. If the monthly medical premium is equal to or less than the participation reward, the reward will be adjusted accordingly.

What is involved in Lifestyle Management Coaching and how do I participate?


Wellness Program participants that complete the required Health Assessment and Biometric Screening will receive a “Risk Overview” from Asset Health.  The “Risk Overview” will be compared against common health and lifestyle risk factors.  Participants that meet three or more of the risk factors will be required to participate in Lifestyle Management phone coaching.  Coaches will assist employees with a strategic plan to improve their health. 

Last updated: 02-12-2014