Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Which grade levels are allowed to participate in the event?

A. The event is designed for and limited to grades 9-12.

Q: Are any registrations fees required?

A: No.  The competition requires no registration fee.  The event also includes lunch and dinner on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, and assorted memorabilia—all free of charge.

Q: Do teams have to compete in all four categories?

A: Yes. All four categories are mandatory in order to foster team work, problem solving, and hands-on learning connected to many standards in the Michigan Curriculum Framework. 

Q: Are there eligibility requirements for teams?

A: Yes. Each team must be composed of four full-time high school students.  In addition:

  1. A maximum of two seniors per team is allowed.
  2. One additional student per team may observe during the two-day event to gain perspective for next year’s competition, but that student may not participate in the oral, written, authentic, or load-bearing competitions for the current year.
  3. The observing student can be a freshman, sophomore, or junior. 

Q: May schools bring more than one team?

A: Yes. The opportunity to compete is open to all public and private high schools, career centers, and math/science centers, and each school may register up to two teams.

Q: Are the scholarships that students may win for Ferris State University only?

A: Yes.  The scholarships are for use at Ferris State University.  They are non-transferable, and they must be used within one year of a student’s high school graduation date.