Motorcycle Safety Program

2016 classes have been completed for the season

2017 class schedule will be available to view after Mar. 1

Motorcycle Safety ProgramFerris State University's Corporate & Professional Development offers the BRC (Basic Rider Course) and the RRC (Returning Rider Course). Courses are conducted with state funds from a motorcycle safety grant administered by the Michigan Department of State and are Motorcycle Safety Foundation approved and taught by MSF certified instructors.

Upon successful completion of either the BRC or the RRC  class, which includes passing a final written and riding skills test, you will receive a completion card, good for one year that waives the riding skills and written test at the Secretary of State's (SOS) office at the time of license application.

BRC: Basic RiderCourse® is for new riders with little or no experience seeking a license endorsement. $50 Fee - non-refundable - Motorcycles Provided.

  • Open to Michigan residents with valid driver license or permit.
  • Required for riders who have twice failed the SOS third party skills test.
  • Required for riders under 18 years of age; must be at least 15 years old at time of class.

The BRC focuses on the development of the basic riding skills; turning, shifting, and braking. Classroom and riding instruction are conducted over approximately 16 hours. You must be able to balance and ride a two-wheel bicycle.

eCourse Basic Rider Course classes

Beginning in 2016, we have adopted the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's new curriculum for the Basic Rider Course.

With the introduction of its online eCourse, this updated curriculum takes a more interactive approach to education by taking a segment of your classroom learning experience into your home!  By covering key components of the motorcycle's basic operation prior to class (e.g. motorcycle controls, riding strategies, etc.) students will arrive to class ready for their hands-on training.  If you enroll in the online eCourse your must complete the online eCourse prior to your class start date and bring the completion certificate to the first class session.  A link to the eCourse will be sent via email prior to the start date of your class.  For those who would prefer a complete in-classroom learning experience, we still offer the Basic Rider Course that does not require the online course.

RRC: Returning Rider Course is designed for the returning rider with previous experience and/or has been riding on a permit for some time. $50 Fee – non-refundable – Motorcycles Provided

  • Experienced riders seeking a license endorsement.
  • Experienced riders who want to learn advanced riding skills.
  • Required for riders under 18 years of age: must be at least 15 years old at time of class.

The RRC is not intended for a novice rider who is learning to ride for the first time. This course is approximately 8 ½ hours in length and includes both classroom instruction and range exercises.

Visit the Secretary of State website for a listing of other organizations that offer rider safety courses or third party testing: