Do you want a cost effective way to manage your training? Join a Consortium.

A consortium is a group of companies within a similar geographic location, who have similar training needs for their employees. Through our business and industry contacts, we can help develop a new consortium in your area. We'll work together with the consortium to develop a training network that supports the needs of each company.

How does it work?

Participation in the consortium entitles your company to 80 hours of training per year. In addition, the consortium members pick the training topics and the timing of each topic. No scheduled program is ever canceled - you get guaranteed delivery. The consortium programs also provide flexibility - you can use your 80 hours in any combination of programs and participants. Best of all, the training is conducted locally, so you avoid expensive and time consuming travel arrangements.

Here's how a consortium works:

  1. There's an informational meeting. Companies can discuss common training needs, the costs of participation, and the expected benefits.
  2. If it sounds like you are interested, you sign up to be a consortium member.
  3. You'll attend two meetings/year. At the first meeting the consortium members will finalize which programs will be supported, and the timing of each program. At the second meeting you'll provide feedback to CPD about the consortium, the programs, and any improvements that should be made.
  4. CPD will handle registrations, mailing of brochures with topics, dates and locations and all the logistical details.
  5. You'll sign up your employees with CPD for specific programs 3 to 4 weeks in advance of each class. Don't worry - substitutions can be made anytime!