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Shanee Ramsey, Project Coordinator
Ferris State University - CPD
1020 Maple Street - Suite 101
Big Rapids, MI 49307
Toll Free: (866) 880-7674
Fax: (231) 591-5821

Ron McKean, Associate Dean
Corporate and Professional Development

HEQT 200 - Planned Maintenance Systems Manual and computerized procedures used in preventive maintenance systems. Course will include P.M. inspection procedures. Typically Offered Fall, Spring
2.000 Credit Hours

College of Engineering Technology
Heavy Equipment Department

HSET 302 - Fleet Management Management techniques and related topics such as planning, organizing, scheduling and controlling as applies to heavy duty equipment fleets are introduced with emphasis on leadership qualities and people skills. Manual and computerized fleet maintenance systems are also covered with emphasis on the RTA computerized fleet maintenance systems. Other topics such as procurement, risk management, accident prevention and reporting will also be covered. Typically Offered Fall Only
4.000 Credit Hours

College of Engineering Technology
Heavy Equipment Department

MGMT 301 - Applied Management A description and analysis of business activities designed to manage an organization to efficiently serve employees, customers, and the community. Topics studied include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling; the business environment, business institutions, government regulations, organizational structure, human resources, human behavior, and current practices. Designed to meet the needs of graduates and employers in the global economy. Typically Offered Fall, Spring, Summer
3.000 Credit Hours

College of Business 
Management Department

MGMT 357 - Risk Management The nature of risk and the risk management concepts. Identification, analysis and measurement of risk. Tools of risk management including avoidance and retention, loss prevention, combination transfer, finance and insurance, insurance contracts and their uses, regulation, and public policy. Pre-Requisites: MGMT 301 or Instructor approval. Typically Offered Fall Only
3.000 Credit Hours

College of Business
Management Department