Ferris - NAFA Application Information

Please print out the application form at the link below and mail it, along with payment for total due to:

Ferris State University
Corporate and Professional Development
1020 Maple Street, Suite 101
Big Rapids, MI 49307

Download Application


Why am I filling out this form?
In order to receive university-level academic credit, you need to be officially recognized by Ferris State University.  This form starts the process.

Does it cost me just to apply?
No.  Though a typical student would have a $30 application fee, any extra administrative processing costs are already absorbed within the $85 per credit rate.

What will it cost me for the credits?
CAFM’s are eligible for 12 credits: 12 @ $85 = $1020
CAFS’s are eligible for six credits: 6 @ $85 = $510
*Payment for total credits due with application
More information regarding costs 

Can I get a copy of official Ferris State University transcripts that will show these credits?
Of course.  To do this, simply look at the information and links below.  There is, however, a fee of $5 to have this done.

Here is the information about requesting a transcript:
Transcript Request

Since you have not been assigned a Ferris student user name and password, seeking this transcript via mail may be the easiest.  To do this, use this printable transcript request form:

In case I want to show it to somebody or hang it on my wall, how do I get the actual physical certificate?
As you will notice, the second page of this application has a place for you to check whether you want the certificate.  The cost for this certificate is $25; there is no additional shipping charge. *Payment is due with application.