Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Do I have to install the courseware to my computer?

A.   No. The BIO courseware is designed to run directly from the CD-ROM, and requires no installation. The CD-ROM will AutoPlay when it is inserted into the CD-ROM drive.

Q.   I inserted the CD disk into my computer CD-ROM drive and nothing happened. How do I start the program?

A.   If AutoPlay is disabled on your computer, go to Start | Run. In the Run dialog box, type D:/BIO.EXE (where D: is the letter for your CD-ROM drive), then click OK.

Q.   What files are installed on my hard drive?

A.   A small text file is written to the hard drive to record your progress through the courseware. It can be removed by running Uninstall.exe, which is located on the CD-ROM.

Q.   Is there a Macintosh version of the courseware available?

A.   No. The courseware will only run under versions of Microsoft Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.

Q.   The videos in the courseware play somewhat jerky, and I have to wait for them to load. What could be the problem? 

A.   It is recommended that you have at least an 8X CD-ROM drive in your computer. Of course, the faster the drive, the better performance you will have when running the courseware. If your drive sounds noisy, or you can hear it spinning up and down, you may have a problem with your CD-ROM drive.

Q.   The pictures on the disk appear grainy and the color is splotchy. What can I do to improve the picture quality?

A.   Your computer display settings might be set to display 256 colors only. To optimally view the courseware images, your computer display properties need to be set to at least 16 bit (which supports the display of thousands of colors). From the Control Panel (which you can access by going to Start | Settings | Control Panel) choose Display. Select the Settings tab and choose a color setting greater than 256 colors. Additionally, when you run the courseware, it will detect if your computer’s display is set to less than 16 bits and will offer to change the setting for you.

Q.   The courseware window seems small on my computer. How can I increase the size of the window or make it display full screen?

A.   The program runs in a 640 x 480 screen area and cannot be enlarged. Most likely, your computer’s screen area is set to a high setting, such as 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, or higher. You can change your computer’s screen area from the Display Properties dialog. From the Control Panel (which you can access by going to Start | Settings | Control Panel) choose Display. Select the Settings tab and choose a lower screen area setting. To make the courseware play full screen, set the screen area to 640 x 480.

Q.   I would like to purchase the courseware? Where can I order it from?

A.   The Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy CD-ROM courseware is available direct from our virtual bookstore. Order online at, or call toll-free 800-325-3252.

Q.   I have a specific question that was not addressed in this FAQ. Who can I contact with my question?

A.   Technical support is available only via e-mail. Send all questions to

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