Tools for Online Learners


MyFSU will be your portal into your Ferris email, to access your Blackboard courses, to access registration, pay your bills, and access information needed as an online student. 

Once you have been admitted, please log into MyFSU, go to the Student Tab, then click on the Online quicklink.  This will provide information you will need as an online student. One week after receiving your acceptance notice, you can log on to your personal campus information through MyFSU.  Follow these simple instructions to log on.

  1. Open the internet browser of your choice.
  2. Go to
  3. Select “Password Assistance”
  4. Under step 1, click “Computing ID”
  5. Provide both your student ID and birthdate
  6. Make a note of your user name and initial password (you will need to type "@student.local" after your user name each time the password assistance system asks you for your user name)
  7. Set up your Challenge Questions
  8. Go to to change your password (remember "@student.local" after entering your username) 

Ferris Email Address

Once you have been admitted to Ferris you will receive a Ferris student email account.  This will be used for any official emails to you about  registration, financial aid, student activities and class cancellations.

The Financial Aid Office will ONLY use your Ferris email account to send you important information regarding your financial aid. Be sure that you routinely check your Ferris email account.

Your Ferris email will be accessed via our online portal, MyFSU.

Student ID Cards

You may obtain a Ferris Bulldog card for identification purposes. This card has your student ID number on it and your picture. You can obtain a picture ID by contacting our office and scheduling a web conference day and time when we can verify your identity and take a webcam picture. If you live near a regional office you can alternatively visit one of our offices and they can take your picture for the ID. You may also obtain a student ID without the picture, however you may need to use picture identification within some online courses and tests.

You must be currently registered in at least one Ferris class to request your student ID. Please contact our Online Learning office at or (800) 562-9130 for information on how to obtain the ID.