Ferris Online
Maryland - Ferris State Authorization Status

Admission to Online Programs

Ferris State University is currently reviewing the regulations for authorization in this state. 

Complaint Process

Ferris State University makes every effort to provide high quality education in our online programs. Ferris State also has established policies and procedures to assist students in resolving concerns or issues they may encounter. A listing of specific policies for addressing various types of complaints, escalation of complaints at Ferris State University, as well as contact information for the accrediting agency for Ferris State University may be found here:  http://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/admision/financialaid/complaints.htm.  Students should pursue resolution to complaints within Ferris State University prior to escalation of the complaint to external agencies.


If you have additional questions about Ferris online programs and/or how this might impact residents from your state, please email us at online@ferris.edu.

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