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Online learning provides great flexibility for busy learners. However, online learning also demands a disciplined approach. Not everyone feels comfortable learning in the online environment.  We have provided the following information and quiz to help you answer the question "Is Online Learning Right for Me?"

A successful online learner is:

  • Able to use a variety of new technologies with ease, especially online learning technology
  • Has strong interpersonal communication skills, especially verbal and written skills
  • Is able to read difficult text and reflect upon those readings individually
  • Is skilled in time management and organizational strategies
  • Understands and values collaborative learning in groups; can provide written feedback in a collaborative and positive manner
  • Has a strong desire to learn, and is able to learn from peers
  • Is self directed and able to manage their time on task


Each instructor approaches class differently, but most require that you participate in some online interaction at least weekly. Some require participation at particular times or on specific days, but most provide for flexibility in completing coursework throughout the week.  Most instructors expect you to access your class and get started on the course start date.

Successful online learners will possess adequate computer skills and knowledge as well as the ability to manage their own time, and be self-directed in their studies. Learners must also have access to a computer and to the Internet at times that meet course expectations and individual schedules.

Take our Student Readiness Quiz here:  Is Online Learning Right for Me?


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