Ferris Online
Online Learning @ Ferris:  Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Online Learning at Ferris?  Check out one of the topic areas below!  If you have a question and it's not listed here, feel free to email Online@ferris.edu for more information.

  • Quality of online courses
    • Who is responsible for the quality of online?
    • How are online courses evaluated?
    • Are online courses as good as face-to-face courses?
    • How reliable is the BlackBoard system?
  • Faculty who teach online
    • Who selects the faculty who teach online courses?
    • Do faculty who teach online have to be trained first?
    • Are faculty members required to teach online?
  • Scheduling of online classes
    • How do we decide which courses can/should be offered online?
    • How are class sizes determined?
    • Is there a long range schedule for online courses?
  • Development of new online courses/programs
    • How do we determine if a program is feasible to offer online?
    • How are decisions made about who gets paid to develop online courses?
    • Who owns the online course?
  • Students in online courses
    • Which students enroll in online courses?
    • Are students required to complete an online orientation?
    • Why can't all students enroll at any time for an online course?
  • Administration of online
    • Who is planning for online at Ferris?
    • What has been our growth in online?
    • How can I keep up to date on what's happening with online learning at Ferris?