Social Fest 2012: Foursquare Scavenger Hunt Passport Rules

Rules and Instructions:

The Foursquare Scavenger Hunt will take place on Monday, Sept. 13. In order to participate, you must pick up your official FourSquare Scavenger Hunt Passport at the SocialFest table in the Campus Quad (IRC connector in the event of rain) after 8 a.m. Sept.13.

You are not required to have a foursquare account to participate, but it is recommended. You may go to locations in any order between 8 a.m.and 5 p.m. on Sept. 13.

1. You must check in at every location provided on the Official Passport.

2. Show your mobile device to the designated staff at the check-in location (if you do not have a mobile device or a foursquare account, proceed to the next step).

3. Have your passport stamped by the location staff.

4. Once you have completed the steps for each location on the passport, please bring your completed passport to the SocialFest table in the Campus Quad to redeem for an official SocialFest T-shirt.

A list of locations will be published on foursquare the morning of the event.

We encourage you to leave tips and pictures as you check in at locations. If your Twitter account is connected to your foursquare account, please use the #FerrisSocial when leaving pictures, tips or comments.

There will be additional foursquare check-in specials at some of the locations.

Locations will also be handing out information and free giveaways.

Thank you for participating!


Visit the official Social Fest 2012 website, here.

Last updated: 08-28-2012