Student Government Makes Call for Housing Applications for ‘The BIG Event’

The Big Event-Ferris State UniversityFerris State University Student Government is urging Big Rapids residents to sign up to be in The BIG Event on Saturday, April 12.

In December, residents were mailed an application with their water bills to have their house/yard worked on as part of the annual community service project. Currently, Student Government has received 115 housing applications and is hoping to reach its goal of 300 by the Friday, Feb. 28 deadline.

“This is a great opportunity that residents should take advantage of especially after a long winter,” says Amanda Jewell, director of The BIG Event and a fourth-year studentmajoring in Health Care Systems Administration and Pre-Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

The BIG Event is the largest student-run community service project in Michigan. As part of this effort, Ferris students take an entire Saturday to give back to the community. Houses can apply for anything from having their leaves raked to having their house painted. The purpose of the event is for Ferris students to show their appreciation for the community that they live in as well.

“The BIG Event is a great way to improve the interaction and unity between students and residents,” said Jewell.

To access an application, visit here.

For more information on The BIG Event, visit Facebook at: or email Jewell at

One BIG Day. One BIG Thanks. One BIG Event.

Last updated: 02-12-2014