Early Registration Open for Summer at Ferris; Many Fully Online Courses Have New Prerequisite

Ferris State UniversityEarly registration is open for the Summer 2013 semester, but Ferris State University students interested in taking classes offered fully online must complete a tutorial first.

The new prerequisite was added after students and faculty members indicated a need for better understanding of learning platforms before taking classes offered solely online, said Deborah Thalner, the university’s executive director of Online Learning.

“We have learned through survey responses from students who took online courses that they have felt unprepared or struggled to navigate an online course successfully,” said Thalner, who noted that in a similar survey of professors, 81 percent said students would benefit from orientation to online learning platforms.

The E-Learning Management Advisory Team (E-MAT) developed, pilot-tested and implemented the online-course tutorial, which is designed to better prepare students for success, she said. The tutorial covers how to use the discussion board, submit assignments, view assignment grades, send email and messages, and access classes within FerrisConnect.

Students who have already completed online courses from Ferris can submit a waiver form. Those who have not can complete the Online Readiness Orientation tutorial in 60 minutes or less. Links to both are available here: www.ferris.edu/online.

Students who try to register for an online course without completing the tutorial or submitting a waiver form will receive a test score/prerequisite registration error. Those interested in taking fully online classes should complete the tutorial as soon as possible, because it takes one to two business days after completion for the test scores to be added to a student's record.

The tutorial or waiver only has to be submitted once and is not required for any additional or future fully online courses.

Students have been assigned dates to enroll based on earned credit hours prior to the spring semester. For more information on online options or the tutorial, email FerrisOnline@ferris.edu.

The summer semester begins Tuesday, May 21.

Last updated: 08-15-2013