Spring 2013: A Letter to Students from the Dean of Student Life, Leroy Wright

Dear Ferris Students,

Leroy WrightA mentor once told me in my earlier years as a Ferris student that my college experience is my season to determine who I am, who I wish to become and what I will contribute or leave as my legacy to make the world a better place. My friends, this is one of my greatest learned life lessons. You see, I believe firmly that we all choose certain paths in life for a variety of reasons. I’ve also learned that for every season of change we leave a footprint. My letter to you this semester encourages you to think differently, to be more understanding, and to be even more conscious of the footprints you leave behind.

As we know, the beginning of spring semester typically brings colder weather as well as seasonal cold and flu concerns. However, this is also a time to re-energize, start a new academic season, and to celebrate past and future contributions to Ferris State University. Let this be your season to shine as a student and community member.

We want you to develop the academic, social and wellness skills to aid you in navigating life’s most difficult challenges. Some of these challenges may include learning how to appropriately respond to academic hurdles, debt issues, personal health stressors or even everyday communication struggles with others. Working together as a community with a common goal will help us build an even stronger and inclusive community while educating and nurturing good citizenship and competitive leadership skills.

There are a variety of resources and support services for you to stay informed and connected as a student. 

Listed below are few of my general suggestions to assist you in having a wonderful semester.

Academic Success

  • Set clear goals to be successful in each of your courses
  • Manage your study time appropriately with regards to most challenging versus least challenging courses
  • Practice starting your day earlier, you may accomplish a lot more in your day

Manage Your Debt

  • Have a clear understanding of the costs associated with obtaining your degree
  • Proper budgeting leads to appropriate spending for your education rather than personal spending on entertainment
  • Utilize the financial experts on campus who are willing to assist you in managing your debt

Personal Wellness and Lifestyle Management

  • Take full advantage of our recreational facilities and intramural experiences
  • Learn ways to manage your emotions and anxieties in healthier ways
  • Utilize the experts who are eager to talk you through challenging situations

Social Connections

  • Manage yourself appropriately when communicating with others via social media
  • Remember that what you say in various forums is who you truly are as an individual
  • Be cautious, be responsible, and be selective when choosing who you spend your time with

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross once wrote, “… people are like stained-glass windows; they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. In closing, let your light from within guide you through a successful spring semester and a dynamic ending to your academic year.


Go Bulldogs!

Leroy Wright, Dean of Student Life

Last updated: 08-15-2013