Dunk a Ferris Faculty, Staff or Student for a Good Cause

Dunk a Ferris Faculty, Staff or Student for a Good CauseThe Ferris State University Student Ambassadors are hosting the annual Student and Faculty Dunk Tank on the North Campus Quad on Friday, Sept. 23, beginning at 11 a.m.

The event is an opportunity to dunk one or more of Ferris’ well known faculty, staff and students for a good cause. Fifty percent of the event’s proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

The American Red Cross is a premier national emergency response organization. The American Red Cross aids victims of natural disasters by providing counseling, food, shelter and other assistance to those in need. Through participation in this event, individuals can contribute to those relief efforts.

“The Student and Faculty Dunk Tank is an annual event that we hold for fundraising. This year, we heard a lot about the different hurricane disasters and wanted to give back through organizing this fundraiser,” said Justin Cooper, president of Student Ambassadors and co-coordinator of the event.

The cost to attempt to dunk one of the participants is $1 for one ball and $3 for four balls.

Some of Ferris volunteers ready to be dunked include: Nicholas Campau, coordinator of Student Life; Piram Prakasam, director of the Office of International Education; Michael Wade, assistant director of the Office of Multicultural Student Services; David Schrock, a faculty member; Joanne Robertson, a university hall director; Yug Gill, a Ferris hall director; Danielle Balmer, student government president; and Liala Al-Shatel, a student, resident advisor and organizer of the Dance Marathon.

The time slots for the volunteers are divided into 15-minute increments.

For more information about the American Red Cross, call 1-800-797-8022 or visit, here.

Visit the Dunk Tank Facebook page for more information, including times, here.

For more information, contact Justin Cooper at (269) 625-3845 or by email at studentambassadors.fsu@gmail.com