Hana Pestle to Host Musician Hana Pestle at Rock Cafe

Hana PestleFerris State University’s student organization Entertainment Unlimited will host a live concert in the Rock Café with guest musician Hana Pestle on Wednesday, Oct. 19 beginning at 6 p.m.

EU is bringing the singer, songwriter and guitar player to campus for students to enjoy a live performance while dining at the Rock Café. The normal fees apply to dine at the Rock for those who do not have meal plans.

“Entertainment Unlimited hopes that students and community members who are eating at the Rock will be exposed to a great musician while not being pressured to listen to the music,” said Melissa Hanson, EU vice president of programming. “Hopefully, this event will make their dinner more enjoyable.”

This will be one of the few performances hosted in the Rock Café during the Fall 2011 Semester. Hanson noted that in Spring 2011, EU brought musician Jared Mahone to perform in the Rock and felt it was a success. Hanson said that she hopes these kinds of events will continue to receive positive responses from campus.

“When we (Entertainment Unlimited) saw her at NACA (National Association of Campus Activities), her performance really impressed all of us,” Hanson said. “She has a great voice, and since our campus is requesting more musicians for events, we thought she would be a great person to bring to Ferris.”

Chris Howell, EU vice president of internal affairs, explained why he believes students and local community members should attend this live concert at the Rock.

“I think people should come to the Rock,” he said. “It allows people to see the dining services Ferris offers to students and allows students to sit in a relaxing environment while enjoying some entertainment.”

Hanson said that events like this are a great way to bring off-campus students back to university grounds which can create a stronger unity among the entire student population. She believes that the entertainment EU provides keeps students busy “out and about on campus.”

Pestle is headlining her current college tour across the nation, and has toured with stars such as Blues Traveler, Live, Collective Soul, Joshua Radin, Sister Hazel, Graham Colton, Ari Hest, Jon McLaughlin, Pat McGee and Ingram Hill. For more information about Pestle visit http://www.hanapestle.com/.

Last updated: 02-11-2015