Ferris Trustees Approve Housing and Dining Rates

pictureThe Ferris State University Board of Trustees today (Dec. 17), in a special session, approved a housing and dining rate increase of 1.9 percent beginning in the Fall 2011 semester.

“The trustees approved the increase earlier in the year to allow students and their families the ability to compare rates to other options as they make their decisions prior to University room sign-up in February,” said Jerry Scoby, vice president for Administration and Finance. “The University’s plan is to hold the line and not increase meal plan costs where on-campus residents are not required to purchase a meal plan.”

Beyond typical expenses, price sensitivity of students and families is a major factor the University considers as it sets rates. The rate adjustments historically have reflected this issue; however increased sensitivity in this economy has caused this to be a more significant component.

“The goal is to set rates as low as possible to minimize the cost of attendance for students and to better position the rates with the other public universities in Michigan,” Scoby added.

Room and dining rates for residence hall students will increase from $8,580 to $8,744, annually, for a standard occupancy room and unlimited meals seven days a week on the bronze and silver plans (a popular plan for students). The increase will allow the University to continue to provide students with quality and flexibility in housing and dining options, and to maintain facilities.

17 December, 2010