Dump and Run provides recycling, charitable giving opportunities for students

BIG RAPIDS – Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning to students as they realize all of the items they’ve accumulated during the school year aren’t quite as easy to stuff into the backseat of mom and dad’s car.

Packing and preparing to hit the road and head back home for the summer, many students end up pitching otherwise usable goods such as clothing, school supplies and non-perishable food. But, overflowing cars and dumpsters no more, Dump and Run is just the answer for students who have too much stuff to take home and are looking for a way to purge unwanted items to someplace other than a dumpster.

Through Friday, students can take clean clothing and bedding, decent shoes, unused cleaning supplies, school supplies and non-perishable food items and donate them to people in need through Dump and Run, an activity organized by Ferris’ AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Diane Griffin. The drop-off point is below the Rock Café at the Rock Dining Hall storage area.

During the 2007 Dump and Run, more than 3,000 items of clothing and shoes, 2,500 items of non-perishable food and 2,500 snack items were donated. “And, there were enough Ramen noodles to feed every student at Ferris,” Griffin said.

Charitable organizations that benefited from the efforts of students and more than 71 volunteers giving more than 200 hours last year include the St. Andrew’s Manna Pantry, Project Starburst, Women’s Information Services, Inc., and Morley Stanwood American Legion Food Pantry, among others, she said.

08 May, 2008