Online Learning for Professional Development:
Making Online Learning Work for You

This series of classes is designed to help you develop a technology-focused professional development plan that utilizes online learning resources. You will be introduced to Internet training resources available to you as a Ferris employee.

Delivery method: Lecture and hands-on or Adobe Connect.


Getting Started

Discover what your learning needs are and make an action plan to ensure you meet your goals. You will also be introduced to some free, online learning sites.

Online Learning Tools:

Learn about utilizing as an online training resource to kickstart your professional development.

Online Learning Tools Atomic Learning

Learn about utilizing Atomic Learning as an online training resource. You will have an opportunity to search and save videos to view at a later date. 

What You Need to Know

  • Basics of how to use a computer

  • How to surf the Internet

What You Will Learn

  • How to determine your technology-related professional development needs

  • What resources available for your professional development

  • How to set goals and schedule time for your professional development

  • How to choose a resource that meets your professional development needs

  • How to use

  • How to use Atomic Learning


  • Improve your knowledge and skills

  • Great addition to your resume

  • Show growth on your evaluation

  • Better manage your time