Excel Certificate

This series of workshops will teach it's participants how to use Microsoft Office Excel.  Participants learn data management, formulas, how to use macros, and how to use multiple sheets on one spreadsheet.

Number of seats: 20

Delivery method: Lecture and hands-on.


Excel Macros

Learn how to use macros and multiple sheets in Excel.

Excel Data Management

Learn how to manage your data in Excel.

Excel Formulas

Gain more in depth knowledge of the various formulas in Excel.

What You Need to Know

  • Basics of how to use your computer

What You Will Learn

  • How to navigate Excel

  • How to manage your data in Excel

  • How to use Excel formulas

  • How to use macros in Excel

  • How to use multiple sheets in Excel


  • Improve your knowledge and skills

  • Great addition to your resume

  • Show growth on your evaluation

  • Better manage your time