Monthly Service Limit and Current Account Balance

For On-Campus Students

 An initial monthly service limit of $50.00 is placed on all accounts for any student who has an authorization code.  If you reach your service limit, the authorization code will be temporarily suspended until payment is received. After payment is made, you must bring a copy of the receipt to the Telecommunications Department or call x2901. You are responsible for all costs incurred. Failure of Telecommunications to notify you or to suspend your service will not be considered a basis for non-payment.

If you feel your limit should be higher or lower than $50.00, please call Extension 2901 for an appointment. Extensions will be based on ability to pay and previous payment history.


Current Account Balance

To obtain your current balance or to view your phone bill, please click the link in the navigation pane on the right labeled Billing and Payment Information. 


Discontinuing Service

If you are leaving the University, moving off campus or no longer wish to have the long distance service, it is imperative that you request your authorization code be terminated. This may be done by a personal visit to Telecommunications in RAN 108 between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. Telecommunications will not discontinue your service unless notified.

International students leaving campus at the end of a semester and wishing to pay their account prior to leaving, must notify the Telecommunications Department. Please call twenty-four (24) hours in advance to Extension 2901 stating you are terminating service and would like to pay all charges for this account. The Telecommunications Department will provide you with the itemized charges and approximate total of your account.

Last modified: 8/1/2011