Phone Service for On-Campus Students

For students living in a residence hall on campus, a number of courtesy phones exist throughout your hall which permit you to make free local calls. For students who live in any of the apartments on campus, a phone is provided in your apartment which allows you to make free local calls.  If you wish to make long distance calls in either a residence hall or apartment, you will need to obtain an authorization code to do so.  Please follow the instructions below to obtain an authorization code.  

To obtain an authorization code, please go to the Timme Center for Student Services (CSS) building (bring some form of picture ID) and let the service desk know you need an authorization code.

Your authorization code can be used from any extension on campus, including courtesy phones, and you will be billed for all calls made with your code. Do not share it with others. You will be held responsible for all calls placed with it.

If your code is lost or stolen, please contact Telecommunications, Extension 2901, as soon as possible. You are responsible for all calls placed with the authorization until we are notified.


View our Student Guide to Phone Services


Last modified: 8/1/2011