Create Your CPS Class

There are two ways to create a CPS class, with the CPS software or in FerrisConnect.

Creating a new CPS Class with the Software

Note: Use this method if you are not a FerrisConnect user.

  • Click the Prepare > Classes and Students Tab
  • Click on New and select ClassChoose Higher Education and click Next
  • If you have used CPSOnline before, choose Yes and click Next
    • Then enter your CPSOnline username and password, then select Ferris State University from the list of available schools and click Next
  • If you have not used CPSOnline before, choose No and click Next
    • Enter your Instructor Setup Code. You can get your Instructor Setup Code from eInstruction. If you do not have an Instructor Setup Code, please contact eInstruction at 888.333.4988. Click Next.
    • Select Ferris State University from the list of available schools and click Next.
    • Create a unique username and password and click Next.
    • Enter your instructor information and click Next.
  • Enter your class information and then click Next.
  • Click if you are using a McGraw-Hill textbook, and No if you are not. Click Next. If you are using a McGraw-Hill textbook, select the textbook from the list and click Next.
  • Click Next to create your class.
  • Click Done to exit the CPS Class Wizard and return to the Classes section. Your class appears in the class side of the Classes section.

Registering a new CPS Class from your live FerrisConnect section

  • Log into your course in FerrisConnect.
  • Be sure you are on the build tab.Click on Add Content Link, CPSOnlineRegistration.
  • Enter a title for your the CPS link. This is what your students will see and use to register their clicker with your CPS course.
  • Click Register Class.
  • The eInstruction CPS Class Setup will come up.


  • Choose Ferris State University from the first drop-down box.
  • Enter the end date for your course.
    • If you are a new user, enter your instructor setup code (this was provided to you from eInstruction. If you need a code, click on the Help with Instructor Setup Code link).
      • Choose a user name and password to use with eInstruction.
      • Enter your email address.
  • If you are an existing user, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your eInstruction username and password.
  • Click Register Class.

Student CPS Registration through FerrisConnect

Once you have added the CPS PowerLink to your FerrisConnect course, all a student needs to do to enroll their CPS pad in your course is click on that link in FerrisConnect. If you set up the CPS class outside of FerrisConnect, the student must register through CPSOnline. The clickers have to be all registered corresponding to how the CPS class was set up; otherwise students won't be properly registered.


If a student has used their CPS pad before, then all they need to do is fill out Step 4 where they enter their eInstruction user name and password.

If a student is a first time CPS user, they need to fill out all the fields.


For step 1, the student needs to enter the serial number from their CPS pad. This number appears every time the pad is powered on.

For step 2, if the student has purchased an enrollment code from the bookstore, this is where they enter it. If a student has not yet purchased an enrollment code and they leave this field blank, CPS will take them through the process of paying to register their clicker online.

For step 3, the student needs to check the box to state that they agree with the Student Refund Policy.


For step 4, the student creates a username and password to use with eInstruction. It is important that the student creates something they will be able to remember next time they need to register their CPS pad.

Finally, click Continue.

Some Common Issues

  • Please verify what version of CPS you are running on your computer and in the classroom. If these are 2 different versions, please call in a work order to TAC the locations that require a downgrade or upgrade.
  • At the beginning of the semester, the biggest issue in a classroom setting is that students can't connect to the class.
    • The Channel may have to be changed.
    • Verify that the students are registered properly