Room and Resource Calendars in Office 365

Room and Equipment resource calendars that were in Lotus Notes are now in Office 365. Reservation booking for those resources through Lotus Notes is now disabled. To reserve a resource, you must now use Outlook. It was not possible to migrate the calendar entries from Lotus Notes to Outlook, so you need to re-create your entries in the new calendar. For now, when creating a new reservation, make sure you check the old Lotus Notes calendar to make sure the time isn't already booked.

If you have problems with the room and equipment reservations, please give the Technology Assistance Center a call at (231) 591-4822. As these issues may be Ferris environment specific, please talk to our Ferris techs by pressing 2 for Faculty or Staff support, then pressing 2 to get to the correct people that will best be able to answer your questions.

Ferris Information Technology Services

Last updated: 04-03-2014