Academic Affairs and Kendall move to Office 365 on Friday

As a reminder, the migration day for members of Academic Affairs and Kendall College of Art and Design employees is this Friday, starting at 5 PM!

You probably have seen the list of items to do for pre-migration prep in the emails that went to the entire campus and maybe you started to do some of the prep work already. If so, great! If not, view the information on what to do here:

NOTE: From what happened with a few people's accounts in the most recent group's migration, we have found that it is important for people to synchronize their contacts after all, as some that were on people's mobile devices were deleted. So please do this simple procedure listed at office365/SynchronizingContacts.htm before Friday at 5 PM, if possible.

If you use the Lotus Notes calendaring at all, you will want to view this following information to make your transition easier.

Unfortunately, meetings will come across as appointments and will need some maintenance to be working as expected again. Several issues are occurring, but are fixable.


  1. During the migration, responses from the participants are lost. This is expected, as Lotus Notes has its own proprietary way for doing the linking that cannot be relinked during the migration. The chair of the meeting will need to open the meeting, click on Scheduling Assistant in the toolbar, click on Invite Attendees, and verify the people and location. Click on Send. They will then respond to the invite with their acceptances or declines.
  2. Recurring meetings will not be linked together. It might be best to cancel recurring meeting dates that occur after mid-March and recreate them later, after everyone migrates. IT WILL BE EASIER TO DO THIS BEFORE BEING MIGRATED, SO DO IT TODAY. If you do it after migration, you will need to go to each one and do the steps listed in #1 above.
  3. Reminders, like birthdays and other reminder entries you may have made, are coming across as all day events, making your calendar look like you are busy all day. You will want to right click on these calendar entries, click on Show As, and change it to Free.

While we are in this change-over phase, if you are cancelling a meeting, changing a meeting, etc., email the attendees to let them know of the changes, just to be sure everyone is on the same page.


If you have any questions, we have contracted with an outside group to help answer phone calls related to Office 365 questions (they can answer pre and post migration questions) so campus techs will be able to remain focused on day-to-day support issues. You will still call the Technology Assistance Center at 231-591-4822, and select 2 for employee help, then press 1 to get to the specialists for Office 365. If the issue cannot be answered over the phone, they will let the Technology Assistance Center specialist know and we will get back with you.

Remember to view the items on our web site,, for links to training resources, FAQs, and more!

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