Microsoft Outlook 2013 Training Materials

The following links will help prepare you to use Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Quick Tips for Outlook 2013

What's new in Outlook 2013

  • Preview messages in the message list
  • Respond faster with inline replies
  • Use commands in the message lists for quick action
  • Sneak a peek
  • See all your contact details in one place
  • Quickly switch between the main Outlook elements
  • Customize your Inbox
  • One place for all your project docs and email in Site Mailboxes
  • Find what you want, when you want


Learning roadmap for Outlook for Mac 2011

  • Become familiar with Outlook
  • Set up your accounts
  • Work with mail, calendar, and address book
  • Organize and search for items
  • Synchronize and share
  • Manage junk e-mail, security, and privacy
  • Explore other useful Outlook resources


Outlook 2013 logo

Last updated: 02-24-2014