Lotus Notes for New Employee Orientation

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The standard e-mail and calendar package for Ferris State University employees is Lotus Notes. If you are unfamiliar with Lotus Notes, we have some web-based simulations to help you learn the basic functions located within MyFSU; by clicking on the Bulldog Help tab.

The simulations cover the following topics:

Changing your Lotus Notes Password (Client or Web Version)

Composing an Email Message

Creating an Attachment

Deleting a Message

Replying to a message

Changing your Mail & Calendar Preferences

Printing your Calendar

• Scheduling a Meeting

Lotus Notes web version is located within MyFSU by clicking on the email icon after logging into MyFSU.

Lotus Notes client version may be available on your computer. You may find it on your office computer desktop, or in the Start Menu under ‘All Programs’

• Lotus Notes

Note: Your Lotus Notes User ID must be loaded on your computer before you can use the client version of Lotus Notes. This should have been done by your support area.

Must Read:

If you have a current Ferris Student E-mail account, you will lose this account in 7 days. You are responsible for saving anything from your student account that you wish to keep. It is suggested that you create a personal account on a separate system (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc.) to save your messages to. You will then be given a Ferris Lotus Notes account at that time. You will be able to access your student e-mail while in MyFSU under the ‘workplace tab’, ‘Employee Service’ channel and select ‘Former Student Mail’ link for the 7 days and then your student e-mail account will be deleted.


Contact the Technology Assistance Center via one of the methods listed at right.

Last modified: 8/30/2011